Lacy's Lights

The park offers a beautiful and colorful display of the famous "Lacy's Lights." They can be seen from December 1st - December 30th every night from 6pm - 10pm. You can drive through or park your car and walk through to view over 150,000 lights.

The lights were first started in 1967 by Lacy Smith in Pax, WV. When Mr. Smith died, his wife Lurabell continued adding to and displaying the lights until she passed in the early part of 1998 at which time the Fayette County Park received the lights from the daughters of Lacy and Lurabell. The park began displaying them that year.

There is no charge to tour the park, but donations are greatly appreciated. The money from donations is used to replace old lights and help in the cost of displaying the lights.

We are also very proud to present to the citizens of Fayette & surrounding counties the Elwood & Betty Maples Display. You could find their display on Rt.19 on the Main Street exit. Mr. & Mrs. Maples started putting up Christmas lights back during the early 50's in North Carolina. Mr. Maples worked two jobs and with the extra money they would buy new pieces for their display. You could also find them displaying their lights when they lived in Maplewood, WV.

The Fayette County Park staff is very honored to receive and take on the responsibility of displaying the lights and we hope that they will be enjoyed for years to come!